Andee's Monkey Hut
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The Monkey Hut

You slowly climb the wood slats nailed to the enormous shade tree. You look up and see a squarish hole which you climb through to find yourself in a large hut situated among the branches of this tree.

Have a Banana

You look around this dwelling, listening to the chatter of the monkeys in other trees nearby. You immediately notice a small picture of a cat. As you look at the picture, you notice a real cat staring at you from the couch where she is reclining.

On a small table next to the couch sits a clock.

A Hallway

As you look around the hut, you notice a nicely lit hallway through a doorway in one wall. You can just glimpse colourful pictures hanging on that wall. The owner of this hut must be an artist, you think to yourself. You step through the doorway to look at the gallery.

As you walk around the main room of the hut, you notice the furnishings and decorations. On a graceful wicker table sits a photograph of a very handsome man. You pick up the photo and see that it is inscribed, "All my love, Joe." You surmise (correctly) that this is the hut owner's one true love. On the table next to the picture is a scrap of paper. You peer at it and read a note.

I want you to visit my home page.
You know my favorite musician is Chris DeBurgh and
I have created a page for him.

A Postcard

On a wicker table you notice a pile of mail and on the top of the mail a brightly-colored postcard. You glance at it and notice in small print that you can send one just like it to anyone you wish. With the snap of your fingers you have postcard in hand, writing it and addressing it. And the card is decorated with one of Andee's paintings.

A Computer

You notice the flickering screen of a computer glowing in the corner. As you near the powerful-looking Pentium resting on a battle-worn wood table, you see that the flickering is the display of a web page showing many items for auction.

Andee seems to be most interested in Liddle Kiddles.

A Guestbook

A small black guestbook lying beside the computer catches your eye. Emblazoned across the black leather are the words "Visitors to Andee's Monkey Hut." Maybe you should open up the book and see what others have had to say about this place or maybe even sign it yourself.

Along the West Wall . . .

You notice a not-too-flashy stereo peeking out of a bamboo cabinet. Lying on top of the stereo rest several CD cases and more CDs are lined up on the bottom shelf. Looking at the case spines you see names like Level 42, Enya, Sarah McLachlan, Seal, and Tori Amos.

You don't quite notice a secret passageway.

Facing the couch... the television. Its screen is currently black but you notice a wicker chest next to it and in that chest you see a jumbled pile of videotapes. As you poke through the tapes, you notice some of the titles: Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, Brazil, Blade Runner, Where the Heart Is and Brave Little Toaster.

You notice a TV Guide resting on top of the television and see that wear and tear makes it fall open to the schedules of each day. You can see what Andee likes to watch by looking at Saturday's schedule, Sunday's schedule, Monday's schedule, Tuesday's schedule, Wednesday's schedule, Thursday's schedule or Friday's schedule.

I love to cook and I found a new source for recipes and such.

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