The Andee 2000 screen saver has just been released! Boasting 30 drawings and sketches taken from Andee's 2000 Calendar, custom greeting cards, and other sources, the screen saver is sure to brighten your day and keep your screen safe for days, weeks, months, and years to come.

The Andee 2000 Screen Saver requires approximately 5 MB of disk space to run, and will work on any PC running Windows 95 or later.

The price? Just $9.95!

Trial Version

Want to download a trial version of the program? The trial version is exactly the same as the full version, except that it stops working 30 days from the day you install it. This way, you can see what you're getting before you plunk down your ten bucks!

Once you decide you want to keep it, just send us the registration fee of $9.95 and when we receive it we'll e-mail you your very own registration key for registering the software!

If you're prefer to receive disks in the mail rather than download the screen saver, please include $3.20 for priority USPS shipping, for a total of $13.15.

Click here to download the Andee screen saver trial version!

(The file is 3.8MB)

For a sample shot of the screen saver, please visit:

If you'd like to register The Andee 2000 Screen Saver for Windows 95/98, please send a check or money order for $9.95 per copy ordered ($13.15 to have the disks shipped to you) to:

Andee DeRouen
5571 Harvest Hill Rd. # 2143
Dallas, TX 75230-1620


Andee DeRouen

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