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Java Biorhythm

To view your biorhythm, enter your own birthdate in the format:

Aug 31 1968 6:00 or Aug 31 1968

Note that the time of your birth is optional. If you don't know the time of your birth, simply don't include the last parameter.

If you were born after noon (12:00) use military time. EG: 7:00pm would be 19:00.

If you don't see a Biorhythm graph here, you aren't using a JAVA enabled browser, like Netscape Navigator 2.0 or Later, Hot Java, or Internet Explorer 3.0 the with the Java ActiveX control.

Biorhythm Theory states that our lives are influenced by a Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual cycle which begin at birth. At birth, all three states start at the critical point and begin to rise to a positive peak, then slowly decline to their low point. On a day where the cycle crosses the critical point your abilities can vary wildly.
Although there is no scientific evidence to support Biorhythm Theory, you will have to test it on yourself! You assume full responsibility for your actions.
Have Fun!!!

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