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Welcome to my homepage. My name's Joe DeRouen, as you no doubt figured out from the title of this document. This page'll hopefully tell you a little about me, what I do, and how I spend my time.
I was born in a very small town in Illinois called Carthage. I currently make my home in Dallas, Texas.
My hobbies and interests include writing, reading, listening to music, going to movies, watching television, wrestling giant grizzly bears, listening to and crafting good puns, playing text adventure games and, most importantly, spending time with my family and friends and the love of my life Andee DeRouen.
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I write professionally for a living, and have been writing several monthly columns for Computer Currents Magazine since September of 1994. I'm a contributing editor to the magazine as well. I've also written for a number of other magazines, including Current Technology, Fast Folk Music Magazine, Hawaii's Internet and Web News, and Information Technology Career World.

The Official
Chris de Burgh Website
The Official Chris de Burgh Website, a tribute to my all-time favorite musician, is the Official Site for all things de Burgh. lyrics, song samples, tour schedules, pictures, even screen saver and Windows 95 themes - it's all here. Check it out!

I've listed several of my older as well as a few of my newer articles on Themestream, a site that promotes authors and encourages comments on their work. If you have a spare moment or three, please check it out and let me know what you think.

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