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Joe's Interactive Fiction Page

From the original Adventure and Scott Adams' Adventureland through Zork, Deadline, and Enchanter to The Multi-Dimensional Thief and Jigsaw, text adventure games have been an important little part of my life. Though games like Myst, Phantasmagoria and even Zork Nemesis attempt to bring us a graphic vision with their adventures, ultimately no graphics can ever equal the art and imagination of the mind's eye.

Interactive Fiction Reviews

Here's a few interactive fiction reviews I've written for Computer Currents magazine. Most are graphic adventures, because, alas, few computer magazines pay you to review text adventures anymore.

Interactive Fiction Links

Here are several good links to pages dealing with text adventures/interactive fiction. As always, if you find a link that doesn't work (or think I should add a new link) please let me know.

Interactive Fiction Newsgroups

There are two Usenet newsgroups that deal with Interactive Fiction; and The former is for discussion of creating such games, while the latter is for discussion of playing them.

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